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Aerial Construction

Ryko performs aerial cable placement and installation services. To do so we have cable placer trucks, manhole pulling, and hydraulic pulling available for any aerial project.


Ryko is equipped with all the necessary tools to install, secure, and protect aerial fibre optic cable. With our expertise we leave our customers with a stable and reliable aerial network.

Directional Drilling

Ryko allows for a safer and faster installation of fibre optic networks while minimizing the impact on the immediate environment by using directional drills.
We maintain seven directional drills ranging from our smallest drill, a 10x15, to our largest drill, a 40x55 with up to fifteen foot rods.


The range of drill sizes allows us to drill for a variety of different projects in length and terrain.

Hydro Excavation

Ryko offers a non-destructive method of excavation through hydro excavation. We manage four single and tandem axel hydrovacs. Our biggest hydro excavator
has a capacity of 1,300-gallons of water, twelve yards of debris, and a boom reach of eighteen to twenty three feet with a 320° working radius.


Hydro excavation allows us to take the safest route possible when going underground to achieve a complete fibre optic installation in both the cold and warm months.


Ryko plows cable and pipe for underground fibre optic installation projects. With our two vibratory plows we can plow up to 66” in depth. Our plows allow for a fast and smooth installation with minimal ground disturbance.

Fibre Optic Installation

Fibre Splicing and Testing

Ryko is fully equipped with three mobile splicing labs that are environmentally controlled to ensure fibre is prepped and spliced with the least amount of loss. We are capable of ribbon and single fusion splicing, and have the ability to test and troubleshoot your fibre network using state-of-the-art OTDR equipment.

Fibre Pulling and Installation

Ryko uses the latest and most advanced fibre optic cable installation techniques and equipment available in the industry. Our custom-built pulling truck is rigged with all the tools necessary to safely and efficiently install, monitor and limit cable tensions, guaranteeing cable integrity during the installation. Additionally, we are fully equipped and trained for the manhole entry and duct bank cable installation when necessary.

FTTx Construction

Ryko has extensive experience in the installation of FTTx projects, from the installation of FDHs, to zero-easement drilling and cable installation, as well as splicing, testing, and terminating. Ryko takes care of all the construction so you don’t have to.

Cable Equipment

Ryko supports and maintains all aspects of outside cable TV plants.

Full Rebuild

Ryko has the capacity to do a full rebuild, complete with live plant construction, node construction, power supply pedestals, and aerial taps and amplifiers.

Complete Sweep

At Ryko we are able to achieve complete sweeps. This includes node to back-of- house, forward and reverse sweeps, and WaveTek and/or Trilithic sweep systems.

Maintenance of Live Plant

At Ryko we provide the service of maintaining live plants. This includes troubleshooting in-line plant issues as well as TDR lines and plant redesign to fix problems with minimal customer downtime.

Project management

Ryko offers a full turnkey operation by managing all facets of the construction project. We take our customer’s design and make it a reality. To achieve a complete project, we manage everything from expectations of businesses and home owners, to city permits and traffic control as well as working with other utilities to ensure their plant is not impacted.


We hand over a finished product that our customers know will meet their design needs and satisfy their expectations.

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